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ICRA  BUSINESS  MEETING - September 2017

Minutes of ICRA 2017 Business Meeting

Thursday September 14, 2017

Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center

Moline, IL

Meeting called to order at 2:13pm in the John Deere room


  • Treasurer: Peggy was not in attendance so Treasurer Report was not presented. Will have new changes anyway due to expenses due to Regional meeting.
  • Secretary/Membership: 3 new members have joined, bringing our membership to 68 members. These new members were welcomed and introduced. No new CTR’s to report in group
  • Library: Bobbi Matt volunteered to take over the library. Thanked her for that and she will get with Peggy who has all the materials.
  • Vice President/Bylaws Committee: Lauren talked about By-law changes. Discussed as a group that the By-law changes should have been voted on as a group. The Board has decided that we will go through the changes that have taken placed, where perhaps the whole group has not been included, and inform every one of those changes. We want to make sure our members are being informed of all that the Board has been doing.
  • President:

Regional Meeting wrap up:

Briefly discussed the meeting as a whole with the majority of people very pleased with it as a whole. We talked about whether we would like it every 2 or 3 years and Beth has sent out a request for voting. Volunteers will be needed whether we vote on 2 or 3 year Regional Meeting to work with CRI. Of the 68 members, 30 voted for 3 years, 0 voted for 2 years, and 2 voted to not participate at all.

Nominating Committee: Since we have not received anyone stepping up to the nominating committee, it was again asked for volunteers. Tanya Viet has offered so far but need someone to help her. We do have a few names of people that are willing to run for positions.

Website: The Website has been renewed along with an addition of a new Facebook page titled ICRA. Since Renee Hoyt, who is retiring in January, will not be doing it anymore, Freda Selk has graciously accepted the position of Website manager. Thank you Freda!!

Facebook: Please go and add ICRA to your Facebook groups if you have Facebook. This will be a great place to post personal achievements, things your Hospitals are doing, family pictures, or anything you would like to post. We want this to be user friendly and a way to keep us all connected. You can also post a question that you want feedback for. With the new changes coming up, this could be a great asset to us.

2018 Conferences: Carol Anderson Soy volunteered Mary Greeley Medical Center for the Fall Conference. The dates she gave us is October 10 and 11th 2018. The details are yet to come as there will be many changes in the New Year and perhaps we want the whole day on the 10th for training. Thank you Carol!! A spring conference was also discussed and we are assuming that this will probably take place in Iowa City with training for all.

It was brought up that the Fall Business 2016 meeting minutes were not distributed or voted upon. So, I will get these up on the website for review and will perhaps get another vote going for approval.

Lauren, the Vice President, distributed ICRA Flash Drives to our members for our 40th Anniversary gifts and cupcakes were served. A reception was also held on Wednesday night after the first day of the Regional meeting for the 40th Anniversary where Hors D’ oeuvres were served and conversation was flowing by all.

MEETING ADJORNED AT: Carol motioned to Adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Jennifer.

Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Bunn, Secretary

posted 10/3/2017


Minutes of ICRA 2017 Business Meeting

Thursday February 16, 2017 @11:45

 Cheddars Restaurant, Cedar Rapids, IA 

In Attendance: Rhonada Weber-President, Peggy Carroll- Treasurer, Beth Bunn-Secretary, Carol Fredenburg-Past President Absent: Lauren Hansen- V.President


  • Treasurer: currently $6,626.42 in account. Peggy is working on getting all the account stuff switched over from Tania.
  • Secretary/Membership: Peggy will send membership list to Beth the get out to members and the “Save the Date” for our Annual Meeting in the fall being held in Moline. At this time there is 59 members, are still waiting to hear from a couple past members as our numbers are down.
  • Library: Carol has ordered the New TNM workbook from the AJCC for our library; she will also obtain a flash drive from the NCRA Convention for checkout.
  • Vice President/Bylaws Committee: by-laws still hadn’t been changed to reflect previous changes, Lauren needs to take care of that.
  • President: Rhonada discussed several things with input from others

National Conference and Basket: Carol Fredenburg had purchased all the items for the National Basket and showed committee members. It included: Cookbook “Your Iowa Grandmothers Recipe Book”, “BeBe” Leather bag with a smaller bag inside, bacon candy, Fitbit, salad dressing “to-go” container, Bacon flavored salt, Gentle Yoga DVD, Lunch bag from previous NCRA function, Amazon $50 gift card. Total of $324.03 for all. Thanked Carol for a great looking ‘basket’!

Update on Regional Meeting from Carol: things are progressing and had an update on speaker progress, still looking for possibly an Urologist to talk about update Staging with PSA and Gleason’s score. There was a talk of possibly Missouri joining us next year, but then the facility will need to be larger, cost assuming will be higher, but the ability to get Nation Wide speakers would be easier. Sheets were handed out with what they have so far.

Meeting Adjourned @ 1:07pm

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Bunn, ICRA Secretary

posted 4/04/17


Minutes of ICRA 2016 Fall Business Meeting

Thursday November 3rd, 2016

   Cheddars Restaurant, Coralville, IA


Meeting called to order at 12:03 pm by President Weber

In Attendance: Rhonada Weber-President, Lauren Hansen- V.President, Beth Bunn-Secretary, Carol Fredenburg-Past President    Absent: Peggy Carroll- Treasurer





Treasurer:  Treasurer not present so no report was available. Books still are not balanced and need to be audited, they will be turned over to our new Treasurer Peggy soon


Secretary/Membership: mentioned that the Treasurer maintains the membership due to the fact that she collects the dues.


Vice President/Bylaws Committee: by-laws were handed out and briefly reviewed. Corrections had just been done on August 2015


President: Rhonada discussed several things with input from others

*A free conference was one of the perks to someone who offered to run for office. Anne Stephenson’s name was drawn and if she is unable to use this the decision was made to redraw for the rest of the people that didn’t run for President. 

*NCRA attendance for board members was discussed. It was decided that the ICRA will pay for any board members conference fee that would like to attend. This was approved by the board.

*National Basket for Conference: Carol Fredenburg offered to do the NCRA basket for 2017 and we decided that we would up the amount to $300 from $250 to give a wider option for Iowa items.

*Regional Meeting: Carol talked about a meeting she attended discussing the possibility of some members of Iowa/Illinois Registry’s getting together to form a Chicago Regional Meeting, possibly in 2017. Some of the things discussed were perhaps the Presidents (food) expenses would be paid(total) up to the government recommendations (Motion was made by Beth and Lauren seconded)-This goes above with the NCRA conference. Everyone would pay their own conference fees and the profits would be divided according to which state of the two had more members, they would receive more money.  Kathy Churchill offered to look into the requirements and Carol said she would keep up updated.


Library: looking into obtaining USB w/video for CEU’s, this would include from National Conference for those unable to attend. Also included would be a form on how to obtain the CEU’s. This would be available on our website and Carol would maintain. They would be available for check out for 21days from the date they are received and need to be postmarked 21 after. They would be available for renewal if there is nobody currently waiting for it. A $1.00 late fee would be established.






We looked at our budget and it looks like the membership dues will be able to remain the same.

2-$25 gift cards will be draw if membership registration is sent in before January 31st.






Respectfully submitted,

Beth Bunn, Secretary

posted 1/30/17






The meeting was called to order at 12:20 by President Carol Fredenburg.

Carol welcomed everyone to the workshop and thanked the host.

MINUTES APPROVAL:  The minutes are posted on the website for members’ review.    Rhonada made a motion to approve the minutes, minutes approved.


LIBRARY:   We have had a complaint from a member that felt we should not be charging members to pay for postage to send materials to them.  Opened up for discussion.  Asked how much it costs to send, Carol said the average is about $6.00 for postage.   Bobbi Matt said she was the one that complained about the charge. She said that she felt the members should be able to use the library items without having to pay the postage.

Rod asked about how many requests we have had.  Carol said the most in a year was three.    She had a request from a person in Florida to use the exam prep book.  Discussed whether we could send to nonmembers.  It was suggested that she pay membership dues to be a member and the association would pay for the postage.  Suggested that Carol could send a postage paid envelope with the book to handle the postage.  Kathy Churchill seconded.  Motion approved.

VICE PRESIDENT:  Rhonada had nothing to report.

TREASURER:  Tara gave the report as handed out to members.  The beginning balance was $5,564.62.  Expenses were $6279.95 and income was $7826.82, leaving a current balance of $7111.49.  Expenses from this meeting are not included.

SECRETARY:   Minutes approved earlier.

WEBSITE:  Nothing to report



We have three new members.  They are editors with the SHRI:  Kelsi Fryauf, Kim Williams, and Ron Bedford.

New CTRs:  Brandy Pearce and Amy Mattes.  


Regional Meeting:  Carol mentioned that she is a member of both Iowa and Illinois Registrars Associations.  She has been talking with IL members and they are interested in having a regional meeting. 

Carol asked if any IA members would be willing to look into having a regional meeting.  Kathy Churchill offered to look into the aspect of getting CEUs for the regional meeting if not able to attend the national meeting.  Carol asked if any more members would be interested in working on a committee to organize a regional meeting.  Ann Stevenson and Rod Burnett offered to be on the committee as well as Carol Fredenburg and Kathy Churchill.

The committee probably will not be able to get this organized for the 2017 year.  The quad city area is the area being looked at to have the meeting.  They will look into speakers and if NCRA would help with costs.  Carol said the ICRA will still have to have a yearly state meeting in addition to any regional meeting.

No further questions at this time. If any member has a question, they can email Carol. 

Thank you to our Sponsors:  Registry Partners and Eletka.

Carol asked for volunteers to host spring and/or fall 2017 meetings.  Carol Anderson Soy said that she could host the 2018 meeting.  Julie Schmitt, from Iowa Methodist stated that they could possibly host the fall 2017 meeting. 

A drawing for the candidates who ran for ICRA Board was done next.  Ann Stevenson won the drawing.  She will get her registration fee paid for the 2017 NCRA meeting.  Thank you to all the candidates who ran for office this year.

Installation of 2016-2018 Board members was done.  The new officers are:

President:  Rhonada Weber

Vice-President:  Lauren Hansen

Treasurer:  Peggy Carroll

Secretary:  Beth Bunn

Past President:  Carol Fredenburg

After the installation of officers, a drawing for the prizes from Registry Partners was held.  Regina Thiry and Julie Risinger had their names drawn.  They each won a $25 gift card. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:48 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jan Eiler, Secretary

posted 1/30/17






The meeting was called to order at 12:15 pm by President Carol Fredenburg.


Minutes from the prior 2014 business meeting were posted on the ICRA website for ICRA members. Motion made & seconded to approve the minutes, minutes approved



Carole mentioned the president luncheon information from the NCRA conference. April Fritz is one of the main speakers that the organizations have.  One of the chapters said that they had a deaf person attend their conference and they had to pay for an interpreter at a cost of $1800 per day.  Carol mentioned that she won the SEER basket at the NCRA conference this spring. The basket contained three $100 Massage Envy cards in it, and three gift cards that were for $25 along with other things.

Treasurer:  Tara gave the treasurer’s report.  Beginning balance 6014.78.  Expenses since the last meeting totaled 2650.16.  Income from membership fees totaled 2200.00, leaving a balance of   5564.62.  Also, we have received a check from NCRA for 92.50 from the basket program as well as a donation in the amount of $250 from the vendor ERS. These amounts have not been added to the balance above.  Also, the fees   for this meeting are not tallied yet.  Treasurer’s report approved.

 It was asked if we had any idea what it would cost to have an interpreter.  This will be looked into.

Secretary:  See minutes above

Vice President:   Rhonada read the by-law changes that were made at the last board meeting.  They are as follows:  (underscored sections)

Article VI: Board of Directors: Section II Powers and duties, A.:  Change to say:  The board of directors shall appoint a committee for selection of annual meeting if needed.  

Article VI, Section II, Letter H:  Prepare an annual operating budget at the beginning of each fiscal year and present an audited financial report to the membership 30 days after the end of the Treasurer’s term.

Article VI, Section III, Letter A:  The Board of Directors shall meet after the annual meeting ICRA, and at such times as deemed advisable during the year on call of the President or a majority of the Board.

Article X, Section III Official Publication:  The Iowa Cancer Registrar’s Association website shall be the official ICRA publication.

Please refer to by-laws as changed by VP Rhonada Weber, for revisions.

Judy asked about the board meeting change for the time of year of the board meeting, questioning the reason for the change of the date.  Kathy Churchill stated that she thought the by-laws should state how many times the board should meet.  It was mentioned that this can vary, depending on needs.  Carol said it was decided that it was more beneficial to have the board meeting after the ICRA membership meeting instead of prior to.  The board can still meet prior to the membership meeting if need be.

Cindi Dryer brought up the suggestion that since the ICRA pays for the expenses for the president to go to the NCRA meeting, the president should go for the first year of their term and then possibly another member be allowed to go to the NCRA meeting the next year.  This would allow more members to attend the NCRA meeting.   There was discussion of possible ways to send more members to the NCRA meetings.

Tania stated that other board members have been allowed to attend the NCRA meeting with ICRA paying for the registration.  Cindi said we have a small membership and that many members are in small hospital programs and do not have the budget to attend the meetings.  Discussed different scenarios about giving the opportunity for other members to go to the NCRA meetings.  Judy S. mentioned that in order to get a person interested in being president, it is a perk to pay their expenses to go to the meeting.  Members discussed ways to better use the funding for the meeting and who should be able to attend.  Bobbi suggested that the president and/or board decide who should attend. Tania stated what the board did this year in allowing a second board member to attend the meeting since Carol’s registration fee was paid by NCRA.  She also felt that the money should be used to send members to the national meeting. 

Carol stated that if there were other suggestions on this subject, members could email them to her and this would be further discussed at the board meeting.

The by-laws were motioned to be changed as read earlier by Rhonada and received unanimous approval of the changes.

Library:  Carol stated that she cleaned out the old materials from the library.  The CTR prep materials and the business manual are in the library.  Most of the materials are available online. 

Carol said that only 55% of test takers passed the test this year.   This is way down from prior year.  The test is being changed.

No new CTRs at the meeting. 

Website:  Renee asked for approval for continuation of the website at $158, approved.  Carol presented Renee with a $50 gift card for all the work that she does for the website. 



Carol thanked the UIHC for hosting the meeting. 

The $250 donation received from the ERS vendor will go into the education fund.   

 We have one new member present at the meeting, Anne Stephenson at Trinity, Ft Dodge, welcome!

Carol said that the board decided to give a $10 gift card to current members that recruit new members.

Carol asked if anyone would be interested in volunteering to host the meeting for next year.  Judy said that perhaps the SHRI would be able to host the meeting for 2016.  They will have to check the calendar to see what is available.  No other volunteers at this time. 

No further business, motion made and seconded to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 12:45 pm. 

Afterwards, a drawing was done for prizes.

The winners are:   Kindle Fire:   Renee Hoyt

    $100 VISA Card:  Cyndi Brugioni

    $50 VISA Cards:   Cindy Kalvig and Dominee Morris

    $25 VISA Cards:    Amy Mattes, Teresa Merkel, Vickie Vermazen and Karla Stork


Respectfully submitted,

Jan Eiler, Secretary

posted 9/01/16







The meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon, by President Tania Viet.



Minutes from the prior 2013 business meeting were posted on ICRA website for ICRA members.  Motion made & seconded to approve the minutes without additions or corrections.  Motion voted and passed.



A.   Treasurer:  Starting balance as of 9/24/13 was $5,512.33, expenses incurred $3,967.54, income of $4,733.20 for a balance of $6,277.99 as of 9/17/14.  (see Attachment #1)

B.   Secretary:  Nothing to report.

C.   Vice President:  Presented to members the addition of  two paragraphs about “Cancellation Policy” and “Vendor” to Article X; Standing Rules; Section VI.  (see Attachment #2)

D.   Library:  The educational material is being checked out and used.

E.   Website:   Website is being utilized and more when a blast is sent out about new information on it.



Motion made & seconded to approve the addition of the “Cancellation Policy” and “Vendor” addition.  Motion voted and passed.

Tania told the ICRA members of what was in the Iowa NCRA Basket and the winner  enjoyed it at the NCRA Meeting in Nashville, TN, May 2014.



New ICRA members:  Tracy Costello, Katie Long, Stephanie Wells, Christine Bell & Brendy Pierce.

New RHIT, Christine Bell.  New CTR, Tarah Paulus.

Tania thanked our sponsors.   Tania asked for volunteers for spring/fall 2015 meetings.  University of Iowa will host the Fall 2015 meeting.



Tania recognized Iowa Mercy Medical Center for being one of the 74 CoC Hospitals receiving an outstanding award.



President:  Carol Fredenburg

Vice-President:  Rhonada Weber

Secretary:  Jan Eiler

Treasurer:  Tara Hernandez


Meeting was adjourned at 12:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Merkel, RHIT


posted 8/24/15





The meeting was called to order at 11:43 a.m. by President Tania Viet.


Minutes from the prior 2012 business meeting were sent to ICRA members by Tania Viet. Motion made & seconded to approve the minutes without additions or corrections. Motion voted and passed.


A. Treasurer: Starting balance as of 9/1/12 was $6,296.68, expenses incurred $8,771.17, income of $7,986.82 for a balance of $5,512.33 as of 9/24/13.

B. Secretary: Nothing to report.

C. Membership: There are currently 76 members and 2 students.

D. Vice President: Nothing to report.

E. Bylaws Committee: Nothing to report.

F. Library: Asked about the possibility of up-dating the NCRA Study Guide for the CTR Exam 2011 Edition to the 2013 one.

G. Website: 80 members logged onto the website. Members still wished for Renee to continue sending an e-blast about new postings on the website. Wishes to up-date the group picture on the website was made & picture taken. Renee asked members if they received notification of the raffle that would be offered at this meeting. There was discussion on this. Renee to check into why ones did not receive it.


ICRA/NCRA basket refund of $56.82.


New members: Renee Kazenske, HIM, CTR and Amy Mattes, RHIT were welcomed.

New CTR was introduced: Sue Buske. Anyone who is interested in taking the exam can contact Sue. The manuals she did use are in the Central Office with Rod. The testing sites for the CTR are very limited. The next CTR exam will be next April, 2014.

Tania gave a big “thank-you” to our Sponsors: Electronic Registry Systems and C/NET. And also to our vendors and for their donations: MedPartners HIM, Registry Partners and Reddsson.

The President asked for volunteers for the Nominating Committee for the fall 2013 election. Bobbi Matt and Judy Sebern-Beachy volunteered.

The President asked for volunteers to host spring and/or fall 2014 meetings. Cindy Burgin from Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines, volunteered for fall 2014.

Special Announcements were made.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:58 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Merkel, RHIT




Minutes of ICRA Board Meeting

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


The President called the meeting to order at 1:40 p.m. at LaCava Mexican Restaurant in Iowa City, IA.

Members present:  Tania Viet, President; Jennie Jamison, Vice President; Erica Hemsley, Treasurer; Teresa Merkel, Secretary; Immediate Past President, Carol Anderson Soy.

Tania welcomed all new members of the Board.


There is a name change of Jessica Janecek that passed RHIT exam not Sarah Rutt was made.  Also “Business Meeting” should be changed to “Educational Workshop”.  Both changes noted.  Motion made by Carol to approve the minutes from ICRA Fall 2012 Meeting with the two changes noted; Erica seconded. 


Treasurer:   Check was made to Sheraton in Des Moines for Fall Mtg for $2169.36.  Deposit made of $500 from Lilly Co.  The ICRA balance as of 11-6-12 is $2518.63.  Motion made by Teresa to approve Treasurer’s report; Tania seconded.  Erica is to check with Bobbi about the tax form for ICRA that she receives.  Decision made to leave two people on the bank account as is.   Discussion was held on having more vendors at our meetings.  Lilly Co. & Registry Partners were at the 2012 Fall Mtg.

Secretary:  Nothing to report.

Membership:  65 active members to date.  Tania would like to know of any new members that join and first time returning members.  She would like to send them a “welcome” email.  Erica is to check into the new members and will send Board members an updated list.  Ideas were suggested to get members to use the ICRA website more.  Jennie is to contact schools about membership to ICRA and that students can attend the meetings.

Vice President:  Nothing to report.

Bylaws:  A copy of the Bylaws was given to all new Board members.

Library:  Two people have used the CTR information.  The library is updated.  We need to be sure people are aware of the information/material available in the library for members to utilize.  When schools are contacted by Jennie, the library availability will also be relayed to them. 


Tania told the Board the comments made on the Evaluation Sheets from the ICRA Educational Workshop.  Overall the comments were good. Topics for future workshops were made.   Head & Neck site was a suggested site to study.    


Discussion was held on raising the yearly dues for active members to $30 and students to $15.    Jennie made the motion to increase the yearly dues; Carol seconded.    The Board gave away a one year free membership to one member; Beth Lawler’s name was drawn.  Dues are to be in by Jan. 31; members that have their dues in by then, will have their names put in a drawing for two $25 gift cards.  The winners will be put on the website, and if there is not a response before 2-15-13, then will re-draw new names.  The Bylaws state that a member is delinquent by March 1st.  The payment for dues must be post marked before 3-1-13.   If March 1st or after, there is a late fee of $15.   Erica made a motion for the amount of the late fee; Tania seconded. 

The ICRA website deadline is 9-8-13.  $79 is the base cost for the website.  Tania is to talk with Renee regarding a question/answer forum; links for NCRA, COC standards & AHIMA CTR courses; SEERS inquiry system; the birthday months of members; a Friday highlight or thought of the week.

The NCRA Spring Meeting is May 30-June 2, 2013 in San Francisco and in Nashville, 2014.  Teresa made a motion that all expenses for the President will be paid; Jennie seconded.  Teresa made a motion that the conference fee for the Vice President is paid; Erica seconded.   $100 Iowa gift basket is taken to the conference.  Tania and Jennie will work on putting the basket together.   On the ICRA website will ask if members have an idea or want something in the basket.

Tania talked to the State Health Registry Education Board about doing a Spring Educational Mtg.  Some suggestions made were to allow more time for Bobbi to speak,  break-up sessions,  COC small groups September 24, 2013 is the Fall Meeting at St. Luke’s in Cedar Rapids.  There is a potential site for 2014 to host a meeting.  Tania was also contacted by Holiday Inn in Des Moines for a possible future meeting site.   

Erica made a motion to continue the CTR award and give $100 stipend to eligible ICRA members who successfully sit for the exam and become new CTRs; Teresa seconded. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Merkel, RHIT


posted 2/13/13 






MONDAY, SEPT 24, 2012



The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Carol Anderson-Soy. She welcomed everyone to the 35th Anniversary Business Meeting of ICRA.


Minutes from the prior business meeting were sent to ICRA members by Carol Anderson-Soy. The minutes were approved with the following correction: Sarah Rutt and Tara Parks passed the RHIT exam.  


A.  Treasurer:  Starting balance was $4,940.98, expenses incurred $2,451.40, income of $4,676.45 for a balance of $6,296.68 as of 9/24/12. Motion made/seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion voted and passed.

B.  Secretary: Nothing to report.

C . Bylaws: Nothing to report.

D.  Membership: There are currently 69 members of ICRA.


It was announced that St Luke’s in Cedar Rapids will host the next fall Business Meeting. Carol Anderson-Soy encouraged members to volunteer to host future meetings.

Carol Anderson-Soy raised the issue of increasing ICRA dues. Comments were made regarding the fact that dues have not been raised for many years, and many organizations have much higher dues. Carol asked for a show of hands, and membership was in favor of increasing dues. The amount will be set by the Board of Directors.

Carol presented gift certificates to the Planning Committee for our 35th Anniversary Conference – Judy Sebern-Beachy, Lori Odle, Renee Hoyt, and Darla Miller. The membership acknowledged and applauded the committee members’ effort.

Carol announced that vendors have provided money for our Education Fund and they will have exhibit booths at tomorrow’s conference.


President:  Tania Viet, CTR

Vice President: Jennie Jamison, CTR

Treasurer:  Erica Hemsley, RHIT, CTR

Secretary: Teresa Merkel, RHIT

The meeting ended with trivia questions about ICRA and prizes presented by Carol Anderson-Soy.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Risinger, CTR


posted 10/30/12



Minutes of ICRA Board Meeting



Thursday, November 10, 2011



President called the meeting to order at 12:00 Noon at Montana Mike’s in Newton, IA


Members present: Carol Anderson Soy, President; Tania Viet, Vice President; Carol Fredenburg, Treasurer, Julie Risinger, Secretary.




Minutes from the prior business meeting were approved without additions or corrections.






Treasurer: Carol Fredenburg distributed her report. The ICRA balance as of 11/10/11 is $3,313.42. Carol Anderson Soy presented the treasurer with a check from CNexT for $150.00 to be used for educational programs.


Library:  Carol Fredenburg recommended the purchase of the CTR exam preparation Webinars for $75.00. Motion carried. It was discussed that many of the manuals/CD’s available become obsolete rather quickly, so it would be a good idea for Carol to serve as a resource for information rather than ICRA trying to obtain many of these items.


Bylaws: Nothing to report except that the wording has changed for the date ICRA dues are delinquent  March 1st.


Membership: Carol Fredenburg distributed a new membership list to the Board. The list will be e-mailed to the membership and sent to the website soon. There are currently 65 members. The membership fee due date will be posted on the ICRA website calendar.


Website/Blog/Facebook: It was suggested that new ICRA members should be encouraged to provide information about themselves for the website/blog. The website fee has been paid for the year.




ICRA 35th anniversary celebration:  It was suggested that it would be a good idea to invite former and founding members of ICRA to the celebration. Julie will try to locate some names and addresses of former members. It was also discussed that no venue has been decided upon yet, and no one has volunteered to host the meeting.


Carol Fredenburg was congratulated by the board for achieving her CTR certification recently.


Discussion regarding this year’s election of officers: An e-mail will be sent to the membership regarding eligibility for election and encouraging members to run for office. The treasurer will send a list of eligible candidates to the membership committee by March 15th.  Notices will be sent by April 1 asking for nominations. Nominations will be closed on April 15. Ballots will be sent out by May 1st. Ballots will be returned by May 15th, and results sent to the President by June 1st. Carol Anderson will e-mail the membership committee with the timeframes.


Tania brought up the issue of welcoming new members to ICRA. Carol Fredenburg sends an e-mail to new members. Carol Anderson Soy will now send e-mails to new members welcoming them to the association and sending them the link to the ICRA Website/blog.



The board voted to continue a drawing for a free one-year membership for an ICRA member – Carol Anderson Soy drew the name: Kathy Larson was awarded the membership this year. Board also voted to continue awarding gift cards to two members who send their annual membership fee in by January 31st. Carol will draw the names at that time. The winners will be posted on the ICRA website and an e-mail sent to the membership to check the website for the winners’ names.


Tania expressed concern regarding the Facebook account regarding members’ privacy. Carol Anderson Soy will look into this regarding any regulations and guidelines.

Tania also mentioned that on the ICRA website, minutes regarding the 2010 meeting are on both the “Meeting Minutes” and the “Meetings/Conferences” tabs.


Tania informed the Board that her husband, Jeramy, has been deployed overseas. He and members of his squadron are trying to raise awareness and obtain donations for the Prostate Cancer Foundation through a “Movember” event. The men in the squadron are growing moustaches for the month of November. Tania will send information to Renee Hoyt to post on the ICRA website and e-mail the information to the membership. Approved by the board.


Carol F said she was approached by a new member of  ICRA who is a resident of Illinois about the possibility of joining forces to host a joint annual meeting in 2012, possibly in Moline, IL. She is chairing the 2012 meeting. Carol A will contact her regarding this idea.


An ICRA member has inquired about future workshops – whether vendors can get involved?  It was discussed that we have had vendors either sponsor or have display tables at prior meetings.


The NCRA meeting will be in Washington, DC in April 2012. The board approved providing all expenses for the President to attend, and to provide the conference fee for the Vice President.


The board approved keeping the ICRA dues the same as last year, although the issue will be revisited at the next board meeting.


Carol F showed the board the items she has purchased for the ICRA basket to be raffled at the NCRA conference in April – t-shirts and a bag, and Julie R will be purchasing some additional items.


Discussion was held regarding the 35th Anniversary celebration – a committee has been formed, but no definite plans yet. Several ideas were presented for special gifts for the membership to be provided by ICRA.


The board approved continuing to provide a $100.00 award to eligible members who pass the CTR exam.


Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Julie Risinger, CTR



Minutes of ICRA Fall Business Meeting


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


11:30 AM


Cedar Rapids, IA


President Carol Anderson-Soy called the 2011 Business Meeting to order at 11:30 am. The current officers introduced themselves, and new members were introduced.



Minutes from the prior business meeting were posted on the ICRA blog. Motion made and seconded to approve the minutes without additions or corrections. Motion voted and passed.




A.  Treasurer: Starting balance was $4,444.85, expenses incurred $3,543.24,                 income of $4,730.52 for a balance of  $4,580.98 on of 9/6/11.  Motion made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report. Motion voted and passed. 


B.  Secretary: Nothing to report.


C.  Membership: There are currently 65 members of ICRA.


D.  Vice President: Nothing to report.


E.  Bylaws Committee: Nothing to report.


F.  Library Committee:  The library has 2 new acquisitions, “Professional Review for Cancer Registrars: A Study Guide for the CTR Exam” and “Cancer Registry Management Principles & Practices for Hospital and Central Registries”. Librarian Carol Fredenburg is working on obtaining current books to assist CTR exam candidates. Please call or e-mail Carol if you have any suggestions or questions regarding the ICRA library.




Renee Hoyt announced that the ICRA website is due for renewal in November of 2011. Various options for payment were discussed, and motion was made and seconded to renew for two years. Motion carried.  President Carol Anderson-Soy thanked Renee for all the hard work she’s done to maintain the website/blog for ICRA.




New CTRs were introduced: Darlene Miller and Jackie Becker. Bobbi Matt also announced that 2 members have recently received their RHIT designation: Sarah Rutt and Jessica Janecek.


Carol Anderson-Soy informed members that C-Next has donated money for the ICRA Education Fund. The amount will be announced at a later date.


Discussion was held regarding ICRA’s 35th Anniversary. Carol Anderson-Soy asked for ideas regarding a special celebration to commemorate the anniversary. Various suggestions were proposed, including finding a keynote speaker, perhaps someone who has spoken at national conventions, or a motivational speaker. It was suggested that a planning committee should be formed. Volunteers for the committee are: Judy Sebern-Beachy, Darla Miller, Renee Hoyt and Julie Risinger.


The President asked for volunteers for the Nominating Committee for the fall 2012 election. Bobbi Matt and Jennifer Brinkmeyer volunteered.


It was mentioned that the list of past Presidents needs to be updated on the ICRA website. Renee Hoyt will update, and asked that she be contacted with any news or events that could be added to the website.


Meeting was adjourned at 11:55 AM


Respectfully submitted,

Julie Risinger, CTR






Minutes of ICRA Fall Business Meeting 

Thursday, October 7,2010 

12:00 PM 

Cedar Rapids, IA


President Sheila Janda called the 2010 Business Meeting toorder at 12:00 PM.  She introduced thecurrent officers and welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Minutes from the prior business meeting were posted on theICRA blog and e-mailed to members. Motion made and seconded to approve the minutes from the prior meeting without additions or corrections. Motion votedand passed.



A. Treasurer’s report: Starting balance was $4,426.50, expenses incurred $1,904.29, income of$2,265.07 for a balance of $4,787.28 as of 10/6/10.  Motion made and seconded to approve theTreasurer’s report. Motion voted and passed.

B.  President’sreport: Sheila Janda thanked members of the ICRA board and ICRA members for making it a productive and enjoyable term for her. 

C. Vice President’s report: Nothing to report.

D. Secretary’s report: Nothing to report.

E.  By-laws: See NewBusiness.

F.  Library:  Report was read by Tania Viet in Deb Schulte’s absence. Deb has accepted a new position in Winter Haven, Florida.  She expressed her thanks for the many years of friendship and good times with members of ICRA.  There were 3 requests for library materials during 2009 and one request to date in 2010. Deb asked if there was interest in purchasing a ‘home-made’ copy of the CTR Prep test. This would have to be done through a member who has purchased it and would be willing to do a copy/pastetype of report.  The ICRA Librarian position has been offered to Carol Fredenburg, and she has accepted the position.

G.  Website:  Freda Selk reported that the website is currently not up and running. Renee Hoyt has offered to fill in for Freda as she has been very busy. Renee proposed creating a free website on and would be willing to set it up. She reported that the website can be set up for free, but there are ads on the site; or for $89 a year without ads.

Discussion ensued concerning regarding the ads – they all seem to be cancer-related. It was suggested that we try the free website, then pay for the site if there are concerns regarding the ads, as it can be cancelled at any time. Motion made that ICRA board should review specifics ofthe website and final decision will be left up to the board. Motion voted and passed.



A. Carol Anderson Soy informed members that the ICRA Boardhad voted on a change in the standing rules at its board meeting in November,2009.  The change is in Section V, Policy on CTR Award-wording changed to: “An ICRA member eligible to receive the CTR award must be an active member for two consecutive years…” The rationale is that the type of membership that can be reimbursed needed to be clarified.



A.  Carol Anderson Soy discussed the proposed bylaw change that had been sent by e-mail to members.The change proposed: Section IV  Dues recently state “Dues shall be paid on a yearly basis and shall be due January 31st and are delinquent thirty (30) days following this date. The proposed change: “ Dues shall be paid on a yearly basis and shall be due January 31st and are delinquent if not received by March 1st”.  Rationale is to have a specific date when the dues are delinquent. This will eliminate any guessing/questions about the exact delinquent date.

B. New CTRs: Sheila asked if we had any new CTRs present at the meeting, and Erin Waters was introduced as a new CTR and offered congratulations by the membership.

C.  Sheila thanked the nominating committee consisting of Lisa Hunter and Peggy Carroll for their efforts.

D. Carol Anderson Soy announced that the ICRA Spring Meeting would be held in Ames, IA on April 19, 2011.

E.  Installation of Officers was held – Sheila Janda conducted the installation ceremony and passed the gavel to the new President, Carol Anderson Soy.  Officers for this year are:  Carol Anderson Soy,  President; Tania Viet, Vice President;  Carol Fredenburg, Treasurer;  Julie Risinger,Secretary.  Sheila Janda will serve on the Board of Directors as Past President.


Meeting was adjourned at 12:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Julie Risinger, CTR



Minutes of ICRA Fall Business Meeting 

Thursday, September 17, 2009 

12:05 PM 

Iowa City, IA




President Sheila Janda called the 2009 Business Meeting toorder at 12:05 PM. Members present were asked to introduce themselves.  


Minutes from prior meeting were posted on the ICRA Website.Motion made and seconded to approve the minutes from the prior meeting withoutadditions or corrections. Motion voted and passed.



A.  Treasurer’sreport:  Balance starting 11/14/08 was$2,568.90, expenses incurred $3,668.91, income of $3,658.74 for a balance of$2,558.73 as of 9/16/09.

Motion made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report.Motion voted and passed.

B. Secretary’s report: No report.

C.  Bylawscommittee:  No report.

D.  Library committeebig grineb Schulte reported that a CTR Prep CD was missing from the library and    asked that anyone with information aboutthe CD get in touch with her.

E. Website committee: Freda Selk reported that the Websitewas back up after some technical problems.



A. Sheila Janda reported on the NCRA meeting in New Orleans in April andcommented that the ICRA basket was well received, especially the Vera Bradleybag that was used to hold the Iowa-made products. Tania Viet stated that someof the proceeds from purchasing the bag were donated for breast cancerresearch.

Bobbi Matt reported on the NAACCR Conference in June,2009.  There was a good deal of sometimestense discussion regarding 2010 changes pending and their impact on central andhospital registries. Some travel problems were encountered, but overall it wasa good experience.  Theola Rarickreported that she attended a breakfast meeting regarding Registry directions inthe future, including electronic patient records, with input from registries ondata items needed.

B. Sheila Janda thanked the membership for their individualcontributions to the breast cancer walk that she participated in  recently.



A.  New CTRs wereacknowledged and congratulated. They are: Rhonada Weber and Jennifer Jamison. 

B.  There wasdiscussion about the possibility of raising ICRA annual dues.  The ICRA board will meet and decide the issueat a later date, but would like input on the issue from the membership. Suggestionswere made to check into fees from other state organizations, and also suggestedthat we need to consider the size of the organization’s membership. There was asuggestion that rather than raise dues, we may want to consider fundraisingactivities, including compiling a cookbook, or possibly raffles.

C.  ICRA 2010 Springmeeting:  Judy Sebern-Beachy stated thatthe State Health Registry of Iowa plans to provide Collaborative Stagingtraining sessions in the spring for hospital registries and for field staff, sothey will not be hosting another meeting. Sheila Janda stated that hospitalsare welcome to volunteer to host a spring meeting. 

D.  NominatingCommittee:  Sheila Janda asked forvolunteers for the Nominating Committee. Lisa Hunter & Peggy Carroll  volunteered to serve.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:35 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Julie Risinger, CTR

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