Cancer Registrars

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Tara Hernandez

State Health Registry of Iowa

2652 University Capitol Centre

Iowa City, IA    52242-5500

ofc  319-384-3227  

cell 641-569-3363                     



The History of ICRA

The first organizational meeting of the future Iowa Tumor Registrars Association (ITRA) was held December 16, 1976 at the University of Iowa Campus. The Co-chairman of the Liaison Committee of the NTRA, Jack Cunningham, spoke to the group and discussed the bylaws of the national organization and outlined the intent and purposes of such an organization. An Iowa bylaws committee was then formed which included Kathleen McKeen, Ruth Floyd, and Arliss Semrud.

A second meeting was held March 31, 1977 at the Iowa Memorial Union, in Iowa City, where the proposed bylaws for ITRA were adopted, thus the birth of our current state organization took place. Dues were set at $5.00. The first officers were: President, Sharon Koshatka; Vice-President, Roberta Parks; Secretary, Mary Ellen Miller; and Treasurer, Mary Jean Worthington. The first ITRA educational workshop was held June 28-29, 1977 in Iowa City.

Founding Members: 

Judy Anderson

Mildred Baum

Mildred (Asa) Carter

Deann Eckerman

Milan Fast

Frances Fell

Betty Fliger

Ruth Floyd

Kathie Nowlen Fritchman

Kevin Gleaves

Deborah Bogdan Macy

Julia Manchester

Kathleen McKeen*

Joyce Midorden

Mary Ellen Miller

VaNalle Miller

Roberta Parks

Donna Peer

Susan Putman

Julie Risinger*

Pat Schmida

Arliss Semrud

Shirley Stout

Marjorie Strauss

Sharon Koshatka Woolsey

Mary Jean Worthington

Valerie Wrede


(* Current members)



Sharon Koshatka (Woolsey) 1977

Kathleen McKeen 1978

Mary Ellen Miller 1979-81

Roberta Parks 1981-82

Kathy Rolland (Shriner) 1982-83

Martha Strait 1983

Kathy Schau 1984-85

Julie Risinger 1985-86

Asa Carter 1986

Judy Sebern (Beachy) 1986-88

Jolyn Runnells 1988-90

Judy McFarlin 1990-92

Kathie Churchill 1992-94

Judy Sebern Beachy 1994-96

Alice Moore 1996-98

Ryan Intlekofer 1998-00

Lori Odle 2000-02

Cindi Dryer 2002-04

Kathy Larson 2004-06

Judy Sebern Beachy 2006-08

Sheila Janda 2008-2010

Carol Anderson Soy 2010-2012

Tania Viet 2012-2014

Carol Fredenburg 2014-present


 April 12, 21010


 "A leader is best when people barely know that he exists.... When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will all say, "We did this ourselves"- Lao Tzu






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"We need your help.  I need your help.  We need money for research.  It may not save my life.  It may save my children's life.  It may save someone you love.  And it's very important."                   ~Jim Valvano

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