Cancer Registrars

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Posted by Freda R Selk on January 28, 2011 at 9:41 PM Comments comments (0)

submitted by Judy Sebern Beachy

Here's a glossary to remember if you're traveling in the backwoods and an illness comes on: 

Benign--What you be, after you be eight. 

Artery--The study of paintings. 


Bacteria--Back door to cafeteria. 


Barium--What doctors do when patients die. 


Caesarean section--A neighborhood in Rome. 


Cat scan--Searching for Kitty. 


Cauterize--Made eye contact with her. 


Coma--A punctuation mark. 


Dilate--To live long. 


Enema--Not a friend. 


Fibula--A small lie. 


Genital--Non-Jewish person. 


Hangnail--What you hang your coat on. 


Impotent--Distinguished, well known. 


Labor pain--Getting hurt at work. 


Nitrates--Cheaper than day rates. 


Node--I knew it. 


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"We need your help.  I need your help.  We need money for research.  It may not save my life.  It may save my children's life.  It may save someone you love.  And it's very important."                   ~Jim Valvano